W. B. Corbin Company

Just prior to Prohibition, William B. Corbin sold Old Mock Whiskey[1] for “Family and Club Use.”  His office was located at 111 South Mill Street.[i]  Corbin had previously been associated with the Lexington Kentucky Company.


[1] In 1880, John Mock began distilling Old Mock, at his distillery near Ashland, Kentucky,  His product was distributed in Central and Eastern Kentucky.  During Prohibition, the brand was bottled for medicinal purposes by A. Ph. Stitzel, Distillers, Louisville, Kentucky.  After repeal, the Weller-Stitzel continued to market Old Mock until the Second World War.

[i] Lexington City Directory for 1916-17 and 1919.

William M. Ambrose, Bottled In Bond under U. S. Government Supervision, Limestone Press, Lexington, 2008.