Reed, Tyler & Company

During the 1870s, J. H. Reed operated Jackson & Reed and Reed, Tyler & Company as a wholesale whiskey broker at 25 South Broadway.  The company sold Old Lexington Club Whiskey.  Around 1876 Reed relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and continued to broker whiskey.[i]

Letterhead, 1877

NOTE:  J. H. Reed of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, registered the brand Old Lexington Club Hand Made Sour Mash in 1876.  G & B Gerdes of Lexington and Edwin Gerdes & Co. of Newport, Kentucky, later assumed the brand.  The brand Old Lexington was registered in 1891 by James E. Pepper & Company, by Wm. Bergenthal Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1892 to 1906, and in 1906 by the Old Lexington Distillery of Newport, Kentucky.  From 1905 to Prohibition, Lexington Club was distilled by the Whiskey Trust (at various plants).


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