The Gutzeit Company

From 1893 to shortly before Prohibition, the Gutzeit Company was operated by August C. Gutzeit, proprietor, as a wholesale liquor broker, located at 410 West Short Street.  He also was the General Manager  of the E. J. Curley & Company, a Jessamine County distiller, located on the Hickman Creek at the Kentucky River.

This firm sold Old Lexington Club, Old Boone’s Knoll, Zenda, Old Billy Burke[1], Royal Bourbon and Blue Grass Bourbon.  He was the distillery's sole sales agent.  In 1912, he purchased the old Strader warehouse at 112 West Main Street.[i]

Products of The Gutzeit Company, circa 1900


[1] After Prohibition, Billy Burke was controlled by A. Ph. Stitzel, Distillers, Louisville, Kentucky.


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William M. Ambrose, Bottled In Bond under U. S. Government Supervision, Limestone Press, Lexington, 2008.