Dodge, Victor K.

1873 - 1956

Businessman.  Victor Kenney Dodge was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky, and moved to Lexington in 1891.  He became part owner of the Lexington Lumber Company.  He was a member of the Board of Aldermen for the City of Lexington in 1902 and 1903.  In 1924, he was a candidate for the city commissioner.  He was a Captain in the Kentucky Guard and an expert pistol shot (winning a number of competitions).

Victor K. Dodge  <WMA>

In December 1908, he was a founder of the Lexington Motor Car Company and was active in the company’s affairs.  In 1909 and 1910, he participated in the Glidden Tour, driving a Lexington Model A.

He also founded the Phoenix Motor Car Company, Lexington, Kentucky in 1909 that sold motor cars and operated a garage.  This company eventually became the Lafayette-Phoenix Garage, and operated until the 1950s.  He also became the Vice President of Lafayette Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky.

He was an organizer of the Keeneland Association and a member of its Board of Directors.  He was also a recognized authority in ornithology and archaeology. [i]


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