LexHistory featured in Lexington Herald-Leader

Great article by reporter Beth Musgrave in the May 29, 2017, Lexington Herald-Leader, titled "Where's Lexington's history: In 300 Boxes in three locations. Also online." Information on the history and the current activities of LexHistory, with a look toward the future. The Lexington History Museum is believed to be the first museum in the state to use virtual technology to record exhibits during the bi-monthly LexArts Gallery HOPs, creating a growing gallery of displays you can tour online. Click here for more information and links to the Virutal Museum tours. The next Gallery HOP is July 21, 2017, focusing on the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project.

The photo shown is of Laura Glasscock and her son Lewis taken during the May 2017 Gallery HOP celebrating the 225th anniversary of Kentucky statehood. Photo by Rob Bolson, Lexington Herald-Leader.

Photo by Rob Bolson, Lexington Herald-Leader