Stoll, George J., Jr.

1841 – 1914

Banker and Revenue Agent

George J. Stoll, Jr. was born in Lexington on December 22, 1841, the first son of George J. Stoll, Sr. After graduating from Transylvania with high honors, he spent a year in Cincinnati studying business before returning to Lexington in 1858.  He became a bookkeeper with the Agricultural Deposit Bank and in 1861 was elected City Clerk (serving for four years).

Because of his family’s political connections, after the Civil War he was appointed Chief Clerk to the Internal Revenue Bureau in Central Kentucky.  His primary responsibility was the collection of Federal excise taxes from the distilleries around Lexington.  This tax was established in 1862 to fund the Civil War.

He also served at the same time in the family’s distillery business as a Vice President.  In 1872, Stoll was elected Cashier of the Lexington City National Bank, serving in that position until 1882.  In 1882, he relocated to Chicago, where he died during 1914. [i]


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