Maxwell Elementary School (City School No. 7)

Maxwell Elementary School (City School No. 7) - a city school on Maxwell Street, at Woodland Avenue, opened on September 6, 1904, on land containing Maxwell's Spring.  The school was named for John Maxwell, one of the founders of Lexington.  This location was on the edge of the city limits, in the city’s 5th ward, on newly annexed land.  At the time, the school was surrounded by cornfields.  The school was originally named the Fifth Ward School No. 1.  During the 1920s, a gymnasium was added.  In 1971, the original building was torn down, and a new school was built on the same site.[i]

Maxwell Elementary School, 2010  <Ambrose>


[i] A Brief Account of Fayette County’s Elementary Schools, 1969-70 and Fayette County School’s website.


William M. Ambrose, Bluegrass Schools, Limestone Press, Lexington, 2012.

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