Library Policy (1804)

The librarian shall have power to deliver books to such persons and permanents residing in Lexington as are not shares of the Corporation, under the following regulations:

  1. The person applying for books shall pay in advance to the librarian twelve and half cents per week, for the use of a single volume, or eighteen and three quart cents per week for two volumes the same shall not belong to a set.
  2. Where he shall take out one volume or two volumes the same not belonging to sets, he shall previously deposit in the hands of the librarian the value thereof in cast with fifty per centum thereon, to be retained by him for the use of the library if the book or books shall not be returned, or not returned in like order in which they were taken out, and shall also sing a note or bond payable to the “Sharers of the Lexington Library” of such form as the Directors shall prepare, the which shall specify, that for each book there shall be paid fifty per centum in addition to the value thereof if the same shall not be returned on the ensuing Saturday in the same order in which it was taken out of the library.
  3. Where books shall belong to a set, the person taking them out shall pay to the librarian twelve and a half cents on each book by him taken out, and shall sign a note or bond of such for as the Directors shall prepare, the which shall specify that the book or books shall be returned on the ensuing Saturday in like order in which they were received, and that if the same be not so returned, then the value (specifying it) of the whole set of books with the addition of fifty per centum on their value shall be paid.  Where volumes are not returned, the person having them shall be entitled to the remaining volumes when the amount due therefor shall be paid: or in case of suit upon the note or bond, when he or she shall thereafter as they shall be returned.
  4. In all cases where by this article notes are required, the librarian, before the delivery of the book or books, shall take good and sufficient security from some person residing in Lexington, or in case of failure shall be responsible therefor.
  5. Upon the failure of any person or persons in complying with the conditions of this article where notes are required, the librarian shall immediately put the same in suit or be responsible therefor.
  6. The librarian shall in all cases provided for in this article account with the Treasurer for monies by him received, as provided in other cases.

The library shall be open for the receipt and delivery of books on Saturdays, other than the first Saturday in every month, between the hours of nine and twelve in the morning and two and four in the afternoon.

January 7th, 1804[i]


[i] “Extracts,” pages 9-10.



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