Lafayette Shelby Trial

In January 1846, in front of the Phoenix Hotel Lafayette Shelby shot and killed Henry M. Horine.  Both had been drinking at the hotel.  Shelby, the grandson of Issac Shelby, first governor of Kentucky, was charged with murder.  The trail began on July 1, 1846, with Shelby represented by Henry Clay.  The jury was unable to reach a verdict and Shelby was let out on bail.  He then fled to Texas[1].  On July 12, 1846, a large mob hung in effigy the judge, Richard A. Buckner, Jr., and eight jurors.  Later the effigies were burned on Cheapside.[i]


[1] Shelby later returned to Lexington for a visit during the Civil War.  He was not arrested.


[i] Coleman (Squire’s), page 42.

William M. Ambrose, Bluegrass Court Houses, Limestone Press, Lexington, 2013.

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