Julia R. Ewan Elementary School

Julia R. Ewan Elementary School - a county school located at 350 Henry Clay Boulevard, in the Fairway neighborhood.  Originally named Kenwick School, after Ken for Kentucky and Wick for Wickliffe (the family that owned the land).   The school opened in 1924, at 134 Sherman Avenue, in a former residence, with 35 students.  The school was relocated to a new building on Henry Clay Boulevard in 1937, funded in part by a grant from the Work Progress Administration.  In March 1952, the board approved a $233,059 addition (including a gymnasium) to Kenwick School.[i]  The school was renamed in 1963, after Julia R. Ewan, its first principal (tenure 39 years).  The school was closed in 2008, replaced by Liberty Elementary School.[ii]

Kenwick School, circa 1930s   <Faulconer>


Julia R. Ewan Elementary School, 2010   <Ambrose>


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William M. Ambrose, Bluegrass Schools, Limestone Press, Lexington, 2012.

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