Hillenmeyer, Walter W., Jr.

1917 - 1990

Nurseryman and Banker.

Walter W. Hillenmeyer, Jr. was born on January 13, 1917 in Fayette County, Kentucky, the son of Walter W. Hillenmeyer and a grandson of Hector F. Hillenmeyer.  He was a partner in the family's firm of Hillenmeyer Nurseries and served in the Second World War as an aide to General C. R. Huebner, on the staff of General George S. Patton.  After the war, he returned to the nursery business in Lexington and retired in 1964.

In 1946, Mr. Hillenmeyer was elected a director of First National Bank and Trust Company and in 1966 became the Chairman of the Executive Committee of First Security.  In 1973, he became President and in 1974 Chairman of First Security.  He retired in 1981.

In addition, Mr. Hillenmeyer served on the Board of Directors of the Kentucky American Water Company, Ashland Oil Company, Kentucky Utilities Company, Keeneland Association, Lexington Federal Savings & Loan, Lexington Industrial Foundation, St. Joseph Hospital and the Lexington Trot Breeders Association.  He served as the President of the Chamber of Commerce in 1960.

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