Henry Clay High School

Henry Clay High School - a city school located on Main Street, at the city limits.  In 1927, the school board approved construction of a new high school on Main Street, to meet the overcrowding in the existing high school.  On July 6, 1928, the board adopted the name Henry Clay High School, after the request of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  It was noted as “one of the finest schools in the South.” It had nearly 200 graduates by the end of 1929.  In 1960, the Lexington Herald reported, “Henry Clay High School was so successful academically and athletically that it was considered among the top 44 schools in the United States.”  In 1973, the school was relocated to a new building on Fontaine Road.  In 1975, the old building was converted into the main offices of the Fayette County Public Schools system.

In 1968, the Lexington School Board approved plans for a new 91-room high school on Fontaine Road.  The new school cost $6,450,000.  The building was completed in 1973, and the student body was moved from the old Henry Clay, on Main Street.  The new school retained the Henry Clay name.  In 1999, the school was extensively renovated.[i]

Henry Clay High School, 2010   <Ambrose>


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