Family History

Francis Downing (1726 - March, 1814) was the first of the Downings to settle in Lexington, coming about 1783 from Harford County, Maryland. He was born in Yorkshire and immigrated to America in 1751. A younger brother, William, came out with him and settled in Mercer County. Francis’s six sons followed him to Lexington in the late 1780s and early 1790s
William (1753 - Mar. 5, 1835) bought land on Todds Rd....

The Fister Family


Jean Nicolas Fister and Anna Mary Grosser Fister...

The Wymores emigrated from Germany to some German settlements in South Carolina around 1735-40.  Wymore is an anglicized version of Wimmer. Four Wymore brothers -- Frederick, Jacob, Charles and John -- ranged the frontier from 1760 to 1779 when they joined the Stevenson party that fall and travelled over the mountains to Lexington.  Charles was killed by Indians on the way out. At their arrival, Lexington...


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