Estill, Robert C.

1855 - 1931


Robert C. Estill was the second son of William R. Estill (born on April 22, 1855).  He also inherited a large farming operation in 1875 and engaged in the breeding of trotting horses.  He was for a number of years Vice President of the Kentucky Trotting Horse Breeders Association and a director of the Lafayette Hotel.  Mr. Estill also served on the Board of Directors of the Central Bank (1890 to 1892), Third National Bank (from 1892 to 1911), Phoenix & Third National Bank (from 1911 to the 1922), Phoenix & Third Trust Company (from 1913 to 1922), Phoenix National (from 1922 to 1929) and First National Bank (from 1929 to 1931).  He died in 1931.

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