E. F. Prichard Company

In 1936, Edward F. Prichard was hired to manage the local distribution for the Bruckmann Company.  Mr. Prichard, known as "Boss Ed," was a well-known Democratic political leader and friend of President Roosevelt.  He had previously been a thoroughbred breeder.[i]


During 1939, Mr. Prichard established the E. F. Prichard Company to distribute Lexington Old Town Ale, Lexington Good Tyme Ale and Lexington Good Tyme Bock Beer.  The Heidelberg Brewing Company produced these beers in Covington.  He used a portion of the old brewery on Main Street for cold storage.

Lexington Old Town Ale Crowns – circa 1940s  <WMA>

After the brewery was demolished in 1941, Mr. Prichard relocated to 209 North Upper Street.  In 1943, Old Town Ale sold for $2.60 in a case of twelve-quart bottles or $2.18 in a case of twenty-four pint bottles.  In 1951, the company's name was changed to The Lexington Beverage Company.  The company discontinued operations shortly afterward.

Sales Receipt, 1948  <WMA>


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