Constitution School (Colored School No. 2)

Constitution School (Colored School No. 2) - a segregated city school located on Constitution Street.  In January 1883, the new Constitution School opened with 100 pupils.[i]  This school served grades 1 to 8.  In 1903, a new building was erected on the site, with the students temporarily housed across the street in the Phillips Memorial Methodist Church during construction.  The new building had 12 classrooms and a principal’s office.  In 1935, three additional classrooms, cafeteria and auditorium were added.  The cafeteria seated 36 students.  In 1955, ten new classrooms and a larger cafeteria were built.  The school introduced two kindergarten classes.  In 1959, the kindergarten classes were closed and one classroom was converted into a library and the other divided into two classrooms.  The basement was converted into three classrooms.  The school had the capacity for 900 students.  The school was closed in 1972, with the consolidated desegregation plan.[ii]


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