Cassidy Elementary School

Cassidy Elementary School - a city school located at 1125 Tates Creek Road, built in 1935 by the Works Progress Administration (adjacent to the site for Morton Junior High School).  The ten-acre plot was once part of Ashland Stud Farm, owned by Henry Clay.  The school was named for former Superintendent M. A. Cassidy.  The school opened on September 1935, with six classrooms, a large kindergarten, library, small museum and principal office.  The school cost $103,307 (land - $19,377 and building - $83,930).  Enrollment for the school year 1935-36 was for kindergarten to third grade (with 108 students), with an additional grade introduced each school year thereafter.  The school was designed for an additional classrooms wing, with 10 rooms added in 1956.  In 1987 and 2009 the school was renovated.[i]

Cassidy Elementary School, 2010   <Ambrose>


[i] A Brief Account of Fayette County’s Elementary Schools, 1969-70 and Fayette County School’s website.


William M. Ambrose, Bluegrass Schools, Limestone Press, Lexington, 2012.

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