Brown, John Young, Jr.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, on December 28-, 1933. Businessman. Attorney. University of Kentucky, Bachelor of Arts, 1957; LL. B. , 1960.

Former Chairman of the Board and President of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation, 1964-73, he built the fast-food company into a worldwide multi-million dollar firm before disposing of his interest and pursuing other business interests in 1973.

He became owner of Lums Restaurant Corporation and Ollie's Trolley, Inc.; the Buffalo Braves (a National Basketball Association professional basketball team), and the LeClub International Yacht Club, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

For these and other achievements he was named one of the "Outstanding Young Men of America," by the Junior Chamber of Commerce national publication in 1966; one of the "Outstanding Civic Leaders of America," by the same publication in 1967, and "Louisville's Outstanding Young Man," by the Louisville Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1969. He was recipient of the Service to America Award given by Lions Club International, at Tampa, Florida, 1974.

He has served the Kentucky and Louisville Chamber(s) of Commerce, the Young Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee, and was named Honorary Chairman of the National Democratic Party in 1972. He was Founder and Chairman of the Governor's Economic Development Commission of Kentucky, 1975-77. He also has been a member of the YMCA Board of Directors.

After an outstanding career as a businessman and corporate executive, he was elected Kentucky's 51st Governor in 1979.

In May 1981, he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Law degree from the University of Kentucky, and in May 1982, he was the recipient of the Father of the Year award.

In September 1983, the National Democratic Party named him Democrat of the Year.

He donated his first year's salary as Governor to a project to restore the deteriorated Governor's Mansion. The project was completed in May 1983.

John Young Brown Jr. was named to the Hall of Distinguished Alumni on November 6, 1970.

University of Kentucky Alumni Association