Bradley, Victor A.

1885 - 1969

Attorney.  Victor Anderville Bradley was born in Georgetown, Kentucky, and graduated from Georgetown College and Harvard Law School.  He established a legal practice in Georgetown in 1908.  His clients included the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railroad, Southern Railroad, Indian Refining Company and Blue Grass Traction Company.  He represented Kinzea Stone in various deals and handled the legal affairs of the newly formed Lexington Motor Car Company.  He also became an investor in the Lexington Motor Car Company in 1908 and a member of the firm’s Board of Directors.

Between 1913 and 1929, he was the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Scott County.  During the First World War, he was President of the Red Cross and Food Administration for Scott County.  He also promoted sales of Liberty Bonds during the First World War and Victory Bonds during the Second World War.  In 1956, he was elected President of the Kentucky Bar Association. [i]


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