In Black and White

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  1. a form of non- violent resistance to slavery
  2. cruel form of punishment that invloved tying a stick in between someone's hands and knees
  3. slave who works on a farm, dealing with the crops
  4. a type of work in which the use of slaves was growing
  5. were slaves were housed while waiting to be sold
  6. Blackfish's interpreter
  7. needed in order to leave your owner's property
  8. a set of laws meant to keep blacks and white seperate
  9. violent group to scare and harm freedmen, created after the civil war
  10. system to track the number of people in an area, that is done every ten years
  11. game
  12. African American preacher


  1. non- violent form of resistance to segregation
  2. first known black servant in the west
  3. famous civil rights leader, who marched at Frankfort
  4. area of Kentucky with the largest population of slaves
  5. at set time in which one must be off the street
  6. slave that tricked the Native Americans into not attacking Estill's station
  7. movement that fought to end segregation and ensure equal rights
  8. this basic insitution was denied to slaves
  9. the most desired position for a slave
  10. someone who is owned by someone else
  11. name for the segregation laws
  12. another word for slave
  13. the most common form of punishment for slaves

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