LexHistory Expands Virtual Reality Exhibits

Looking back at some of our past virtual exhibits of the Gallery HOP exhibits in the offices of the Lexington History Museum (these are now online). 

July 2017: Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project and images of Kentucky women active in the campaign for Women's Suffrage. 

May 2017: 225th Anniversary of the Commonwealth of Kentucky joining the United States of America as the 15th state and a poster exhibit of Kentucky Quilts from the Kentucky Historical Society. 

March 2017: LexArts Gallery HOP: Horseracing in Lexington. Exhibit features the original copper horse topping the weathervane at the Old Courthouse, a photo of the new horse on the renovated cupola of the Old Courthouse, enlarged images of vintage postcards of Lexington race tracks and horse farms, and reproductions of portraits of famous African-American jockeys of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

January 2017: LexArts Gallery HOP: Costumes for the documentary "Belle Brezing & the Gilded Age of the Bluegrass" designed and created by Nelson Fields, costume designer and associate professor at the University of Kentucky. The virtual tour also features black and white photographs from our collection, a pioneer broad axe and other items on display in the LexHistory offices.

Stay tuned as we offer vitual exhibits of future displays. Also, join us for the next LexArts HOP from 5-8 p.m. Nov.10, 2017, in our offices, Suite 312, The Square, 401 West Main Street, Lexington, KY.

Want to get involved?  Volunteer your energy, time, and donations by visiting http://lexhistory.org/support.  Through this site, feel free to send us some info about yourself and your passion for Lexington, Kentucky's past, present, and future.  Our President will respond in due time.