Gallery HOP: Kentucky Woman Suffrage

Friday, July 21, 2017 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Offices of the Lexington History Museum

The Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project is the focus of the July 21 LexArts Gallery HOP. The 100th anniversary of passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is in 2020. The Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project is preparing for the centennial. Its website states: "It took 82 years from Kentucky’s groundbreaking state law in 1838 for woman suffrage (partial, for educational issues only); 72 years from the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments adopted at the 1848 Seneca Falls meeting by a few of the national leaders; and, 41 years from when Mary Barr Clay started the first permanent Kentucky women’s club focused on suffrage (the Fayette County Equal Suffrage Association)." The history and significant role of Kentucky women in the suffrage movement is the focus of the exhibit, which is free and open to all. While you're in the Square, visit the Artists Attic on the fourth floor. 

Gallery HOP: Women's Suffrage

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