Native Music Lesson Plan

Native Music


Teaching aids: CDs provided


Lessons goals:

To learn about the different styles of Native American music and to learn about what it means in Native American culture.


Activity 1: Music


Essential Questions:

1) How do Native American music and dance reflect its culture?

2) Is all music the same regardless of tribe?


Target Standard/ Core Content:




Technology/ materials:

Pen/pencil, paper, crayons/ markers


Product / assessment:

The art created by the student



1) Listen to various styles of Native American music CDS: traditional, pow-wow, and contemporary. Make sure to use several different styles, and meaning.

2) After listening have the class discuss what they feel when they listen to the music, what actions it made them think of, and what words did it put into their heads.

3) Turn on the music again and ask the students to create an illustration of what the music makes them feel, see and think.

4) Have the children make a cover and end page.  Then punch holes in the left hand side of all of the pages, bind the music feelings book with string, yard, ribbon, and be creative. This is to be a book to hold all of their illustrations, they should have several illustrations, as they will have listen to several songs and several different styles.


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