Myth v. Facts Lesson Plan

Myths Vs. Facts:

Teaching aids: PowerPoint presentation, research materials, KET’s “A Native Presence”


Activity 1: Letter Home


Essential Questions:

What is the real story of Native Americans in Kentucky?


Targeted Standard/ core content:

SS-04-2.1.1 – Students will identify early cultures (Native American, Appalachian, Pioneers) n Kentucky and explain their similarities and differences.  DOK 2

SS-04-5.1.1- students will use a variety of primary and secondary sources (e.g., artifacts, diaries, timelines) to describe significant events in the history of Kentucky and interpret different perspectives. DOK 2

SS-04-5.2.2- Students will identify and compare that cultures of diverse groups and explain why people explored and settled in Kentucky.  DOK 2



Technology / materials:

Pen/pencil, paper


Product/ assessment:

The letter



1) Watch/Listen to the teacher’s presentation on the myths and facts of Native Americans in Kentucky.

2) Write a letter:  You and your family have just moved to Kentucky. The year is 1779. Write a letter to a friend explaining what life is really like in Kentucky.  Focus on contradicting the myths about Native Americans.  Try to convince your friend to not believe everything that she hears. Be specific.


Activity 2: Who were the Mound Builders?


Essential questions:

1) Who were the Mound Builders?

2) Why was the myth of the Mound Builders so prevalent and persistent?

3) Why is it important to understand these cultures today?


Technology / Materials:

Role cards, to be determined by the students


Product/ assessment:

Word wall, skit




1) Students will listen to the teacher’s presentation on the myths vs. facts.

2) Students will make a word wall.  Using index cards students are to identify all words or phrases that the students must know to fully understand the information presented. 

3) Students should define these words in their notebooks or journals.

4) Once the students have the necessary background have them break into small groups, 3-5 students, and create a skit or newscast on who really built the mounds of Kentucky, and why the myth lasted so long.

5) Allow for creativity, students can make or bring props, and other items to add to their performance.

6) Allow the students to perform their skit or newscast.



1) Give the students vocabulary sheets if needed that define unfamiliar words and ideas.

2) Meet with each group to assist students that are having trouble coming up with a skit or newscast.

3) Allow students who are not comfortable performing to write newspaper style articles instead.



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