Kentucky Native American History Lesson Plan

Kentucky Native American History Throughout Time

Teaching aids:  PowerPoint presentation, resource materials, timeline poster, and KET Video “A Native Presence”


Section goals: to learn the accurate history of Native Americans in Kentucky.  This section is to follow Myths vs. Facts



Activity 1:  The Nomadic Way of Life


Essential Questions:

1) What was life like for nomadic native tribes?


Technology/ Materials:

Paper, pen/pencil, scissors, construction paper, magazines (for pictures), glue, as determined by the students


Products/ assessment:

The “back pack and its contents



1) Discuss the nomadic lifestyles of the Paleo- Indians and create a list of the items that the Paleo- Indian groups would have needed to survive (tools, personal items, clothing, shelter)

2) Have the class prepare to live a nomadic life today.  Assign roles to each member of the class.

3) Have each student make a “pack” for traveling from the supplies listed above.

4) Have the children cut out pictures of the items that they are designated to carry for the group and items that they could not live without.  The Students may also make list of items that they cannot find pictures for.

5) Have each child show the contents of the pack to the class, and explain why they packed the items that they did.

6) As a group decide what can go and what cannot based on the ability carry to the items and what is absolute for survival. Also, decide what can be found from nature that might be used instead, or if you will use any modern technology like cars, etc.

7) Compare and contrast the strategies for planning and executing a nomadic life today with those of a nomadic prehistoric lifestyles


Activity 2: Timelines


Essential Questions:

1) When did Native Americans enter Kentucky?

2) Did Native Americans have a set culture that lasted throughout their history or did their culture change over time?

3) Did Native American technology change and develop over time?


Technology / Materials:

Pen/ pencil, 3x5 index cards, timeline forms


Product/ assessment:

Completed timeline and questions



1) After reviewing material on Native American history, create a time line form, putting only the dates on the form.

2) Arrange the students into groups of four, give one time line form to each group.

3) Give a set of questions, two – three on each 3x5 card to each group that they must answer to know where to stick the cards on the timeline.  They are also to label each date set on the timeline.

4) When the groups are done answering the questions and sticking the cards on the timelines have them get up and tell the class what they believe the answers to the questions are and why they put certain cards on the time line where they did.



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